Corrugated Moving Box

Corrugated Moving Box


What do you need to know?

1. Types of material
2. What is a flute
3. Type of flute and their specifications
4. What is a good carton box

1. Types of material

Due to its high strength and moisture resistance, kraftliner is used as an outer and intermediate ply, especially in corrugated board. The high strength is achieved thanks to the virgin fiber used in the production of kraftliner, which has a low recycled fiber content.

Testliner, like kraftliner, is used for the outer and intermediate plies of corrugated board. However, its strength is not quite as high as that of kraftliner, as it has a higher recycled fiber content.
KT-liner (Hybrid)
KT-liner (Hybrid) is a combination of both the kraftliner and the testliner. The kraftliner is used as the outer ply and the testliner is used as the innner ply.

2. What is a fluted liner

Fluted liner is the wavy piece of board sandwiched between the liners and gives a box its strength and protection from knocks and impact damage. To create the fluted effect rolls of paper are fed into a corrugated roller machine

3. Type of flute and their specifications
carton box flute type

4. What is a good carton box

A good carton box is a combination of all the above mentioned factors and of course not to forget the paper weight of the liner used to produce the liners (standard paper 125gsm). A thick carton box does not necessary mean that it is good. It has to be a combination of a good external, internal liner and a optimal paper weight of at least 125gsm (A heavier paper weight is used for moving boxes usually can be up to 300gsm)

Last but not least, know what you are using it for and how are you using it.

Specifications of our Moving Boxes

Type: Double Wall
Liner: KT liner
Flute: BC Flute (Double Wall)
Paper Weight: 175 gsm
Available units: 92