Barrier Bubble Technology

New Technology: Barrier Bubble 

Advantages of the new Barrier Bubble


                                  Barrier Bubble                              Normal Bubble

All cellular packing materials are made from polyethylene. The current problem with polyethylene is that it does not provide good air retention over time or under a weight load. Hence, in the new Barrier Bubble, we used a co-extruded barrier that is 10 times more resistant to the passage of air than a thick single layer of polyethylene.

                                  Barrier Bubble                               Normal Bubble

With the new barrier bubble, you get better value !


Barrier Bubble Technology provides:

Superior cushioning – Higher initial thickness and fullness

Longer lasting protection – Air retention layer maintains consistent cushioning throughout the shipping cycle

Reduced packing cost – Less material required for better protection

Reuseable – Air rentention layer allows for multiple reuse

Damage reduction – Reduces the chance of product damage during shipping